College Fair

Hickox Fields

September 27, 2014


Students and parents  from Boston to Baltimore attended  second Polo Training Foundation College Fair program started in Florida in April 2014.  This event was held at the PTF Hickox Polo  Fields in Old Westbury, NY.  Eight college coaches representing, Cornell, UConn, Princeton, Skidmore, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Virginia, and Yale explained their programs to thirty-two high school and middle school students.  Each coach had a table and interviewed the students individually or in small groups.  Students and parents were thrilled by the opportunity to scope out many schools with college programs at one event.  The coaches were excited to meet students with an interest in their programs and appreciated the opportunity to speak with younger students about how important it was to achieve good academic standing in order to play polo in college.


Following the event two games were played at Bob Ceparano’s Country Farms arena.  Six middle school students battled each other in a two chukker match.  This was followed by a round robin with ten of the high school students participating.  Although getting good enough grades to get into a polo playing college are the most important element, the coaches were very interested in watching the athleticism of the student players.



The Polo Training Foundation plans to continue the College Fair series, rotating the location around the entire country, so that many more high school students can be exposed to these terrific collegiate programs.

Wes Linfoot Memorial Tournament


2014 PTF I/I Award Winners


Male collegiate - Patrick Uretz - Westmont College
Daniel J. Wallace Jr. Collegiate female - Vicky Friedrichs- U.Va.
Male scholastic- Wyatt Harlow - Natania
Female scholastic - Marissa Wells - Maryland Polo Club

PTF Given Matching Challenge for Academic  Scholarship Program


The family of Karl Hilberg has challenged the PTF to bring the endowment for the academic scholarship program for aspiring collegiate polo players up to $100,000. The Hilberg family will donate $20,000 once the PTF has $80,000 in a scholarship endowment.  Currently the fund has $38,000, so $42,000 needs to be raised to receive the match.   The academic scholarship program entering its fourth year was created to encourage and promote the attainment of higher education goals based on evidence of a high level of academic achievement during high school or college.  In addition to meeting a high academic standard, scholars are required to participate in the collegiate polo club at the school they are attending.  These scholarships are also based on financial need . 


Scholarship funding comes from donations made directly to the PTF scholarship fund.  Those interested in supporting this fund should contact the PTF office: phone – 888-PTF-POLO (783-7656); email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



2014 Summer Exchange to England


Information, qualifications, and the application form pdf

2014 PTF Polo Party


 2014 PTF Award Winners: Danny Scheraga, Tony Coppola, Alyssa Tranchilla, Mackenzie Weisz, Malia Bryan, Jack McLean, Michael Bellissimo and Melissa Ganzi. (Connell Erb not present).


2014 Award Winners

Jr Polo Sportsmanship: Malia Bryan & Jack McLean

Jr Polo Most Improved Players: Alyssa Tranchilla & Mackenzie Weisz

Youth Polo Sportsmanship: Connell Erb

Youth Polo Most Improved: Michael Bellissimo


PTF Exchange Program


November 2013 Trip to New Zealand


February 2014 Hosting England in Wellington Florida


July 2014 Trip to England

      Gil Johston presenting to England: Thomas Coid, Hugo Taylor, Marcus Cork, Charlie Townsend and the USA: Riley Ganzi, Grant Braden, Nicolas Escobar, Joaquin Avendano.

     Hugo Taylor, Marcus Cork, Sharon Cork, Danny Scheraga, Jennifer McLeavy, Andrew Cork, Thomas Coid and Charlie Townsend.

     Marcus Cork, Thomas Coid, Hugo Taylor, Charlie Townsend and Grant Braden at the Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame.

        USA's Joaquin Avendano and England's Marcus Cork.

     USA's Nicolas Escobar and England's Thomas Coid.


PTF Academic Scholarship for Polo Players

The Polo Training Foundation introduced a new scholarship program in 2011.  The scholarship is available at colleges and universities with an athletic program in polo and provides financial assistance for students who participate in the sport of polo.  It is designed to reduce the financial burden of tuition for those who demonstrate financial need.

In addition to meeting a high academic standard, applicants will be required to participate in the collegiate polo program at the school they are attending. These scholarships will be awarded based on financial need. The scholarship application can be found through the link at the bottom of this page.

Scholarships will be funded from donations made to the PTF scholarship fund. Donations will be divided with one half being for immediate use and the other half to go towards building a scholarship endowment.

Those interested in donating to the scholarship program should contact the PTF office by phone:

888-PTF-POLO (783-7656)


Use the "Donate Now" button on this site and earmark the donation for the scholarship fund.

Scholarship application