Polo   Training Foundation Mission The Polo Training Foundation's purpose is to establish and administer a series of funds, including memorial, advisory, international, endowment, intercollegiate/ interscholastic, and others. These funds are dedicated to support Polo in collegiate or scholastic sports curriculums, promote international goodwill through Polo competition, and above all, encourage development and sportsmanship through teaching young people the principles of the game of Polo.

Since 1967, the Polo Training Foundation has been committed to excellence in the great sport of polo. The PTF supports polo training at all levels by providing funds for the development of current and future generations of players and umpires. The Foundation's many programs include beginner clinics designed to teach young people the principles of polo, intercollegiate /interscholastic tournaments and clinics, and international player exchanges. Through its activities, the PTF seeks to encourage the highest standards of sportsmanship and to promote international good will through polo competition.


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