PTF Academic Scholarship for Polo Players

The Polo Training Foundation introduced a new scholarship program in 2011.  The scholarship is available at colleges and universities with an athletic program in polo and provides financial assistance for students who participate in the sport of polo.  It is designed to reduce the financial burden of tuition for those who demonstrate financial need.

In addition to meeting a high academic standard, applicants will be required to participate in the collegiate polo program at the school they are attending. These scholarships will be awarded based on financial need. The scholarship application can be found through the link at the bottom of this page.

Scholarships will be funded from donations made to the PTF scholarship fund. Donations will be divided with one half being for immediate use and the other half to go towards building a scholarship endowment.

Those interested in donating to the scholarship program should contact the PTF office by phone:

888-PTF-POLO (783-7656)


Use the "Donate Now" button on this site and earmark the donation for the scholarship fund.

Click Here for the Scholarship Application

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