PTF Exchange Program


Churchill once proclaimed that “a polo handicap is a passport to the world.” The PTF Exchange Program was designed to utilize that handicap and thus continue the polo education of the Junior Players while also creating new friends and memories to last a lifetime.

Every February, The PTF hosts an English team in Wellington Florida, while every July, the HPA hosts a PTF team in England in exchange.  

PTF players interested in participating in the exchange must fill out an application and have participated in a PTF program during the last 18 months.  Since the focus of the exchange program is to utilize polo as a passport to new friendships and experiences, the players are selected based more on sportsmanship than on playing ability. 

2015 England Winter Exchange in Wellington Florida: PTF International Junior Cup (PDF) 


November 2013 Trip to New Zealand


February 2014 Hosting England in Wellington Florida


July 2014 Trip to England

      Gil Johston presenting to England: Thomas Coid, Hugo Taylor, Marcus Cork, Charlie Townsend and the USA: Riley Ganzi, Grant Braden, Nicolas Escobar, Joaquin Avendano.

     Hugo Taylor, Marcus Cork, Sharon Cork, Danny Scheraga, Jennifer McLeavy, Andrew Cork, Thomas Coid and Charlie Townsend.

     Marcus Cork, Thomas Coid, Hugo Taylor, Charlie Townsend and Grant Braden at the Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame.

        USA's Joaquin Avendano and England's Marcus Cork.

     USA's Nicolas Escobar and England's Thomas Coid.



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