Polo College Fairs

The Polo Training Foundation annually holds an East Coast College Fair at the Meadowbrook Polo Club and Country Farms Polo Club on Long Island, New York, and a West Coast College Fair at the Santa Barbara Polo Club. 


Mack Jason Alumni Program

The Mack Jason Leadership Development Program

There is a need to encourage young players to be our future leaders that will assure a strong future for polo.

The Polo Training Foundation led by Lyn Jason Cobb has established The Mack Jason Leadership Program. The goal is to help young leaders, who will have careers other than in polo, to develop the skills they need to encourage more participants in the sport, who play polo for the fun and camaraderie of shared experiences with other true horse people

This program will encourage young players, especially intercollegiate players, to return to the sport after they have established families and professions and are financially secure. The sport needs to keep in touch with them and they need to be encouraged to keep in touch with the sport.  When they do come back they will have the skills to become our leaders.  There must be communication that will keep them involved.

PTF Mack Jason Career Mentor Program

The PTF Career Mentors is a new program under the Mack Jason Leadership Program at the Polo Training Foundation. The concept is to bring together the PTF Polo Community by creating a venue for College Alum to interact and utilize Polo Connections for career advice, career placement and relocation.
The PTF Career Mentors Committee is chaired by Five prominent Polo Mentors from across the USA: These Chairs will help connect College Alum with local Mentors that have expertise in the College Alumni's career.

Western Chair: Lyn Jason Cobb
Western Vice-Chair: Lynn Thompson
Southern Chair: Jesse Pruitt
Hawaii Chair: Raymond Noh
Eastern Chair: Vicky Collins
Southeast Chair: Anthony Coppola

Whether you are a recent College Alum, a College Student, or a potential mentor, we encourage everyone to get involved.  With the immense growth of social media, you can reach us, and each-other, through the below sites (with direct links) or you can contact your local Chair listed above.

Facebook: PTF Alumni Page 

Twitter: Polo Training Foundation 

LinkedIn: PTF Career Mentor Group 

Central Coast Polo Club Hosts Mack Jason Alumni Arena Tournament

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