Intercollegiate Awards

The Polo Training Foundation Award winners are selected through their participation in the Intercollegiate and Interscholastic programs of the United States Polo Association® and based on the following criteria:

I.  Playing Ability
     A.  Horsemanship
     B.  Mallet Skill
     C.  Team Work
     D.  Comprehension of the Game
II.  Contribution to the Sport
     A.  Leadership
     B.  Commitment
     C.  Assistance to new Players
III.  Sportsmanship
     A.  Conduct in and out of the playing Arena
     B.  Knowledge of the rules and their enforcement
     C.  A Positive Attitude 

PTF Intercollegiate Award Winners

1986  Kristen Laughlin/Univ. of CA Davis
          Tom Huber/University of Virginia
1987  Clarissa Cantacuzene/Univ of VA
          Thomas Lach/Skidmore College
1988  Derek Sifton/Univ of VA
          Haley Holmes/Colorado State Univ
1989  Patrick Andrew/Cornell Univ
          Ann Wimmer/Stanford Univ
1990  Wilbur O’Ferrall/Univ of CA Davis
          Loring Piper/Skidmore College
1991  Jennifer Kaufman/Univ of CA Davis
          Oliver Olsen/Univ of VA
1992  Kelly Chambers/Cornell Univ
          William Orthwein/Skidmore College
1993  Elizabeth Worrall/Univ of VA
          John Harris/Stanford Univ
1994  Brigette Parten/Colorado State Univ
          Trevor Wells/Cornell Univ
1995  Kristy Waters/Texas A&M
          John Fluornoy, Jr./Univ of VA
1996  Kathryn Roeser/UC Santa Barbara
          Guy Glenn/Colorado State Univ
1997  Ilia Christy/Stanford Univ
          Christopher Hitchcock/Univ of VA
1998  Kimberly Morgan/Univ of CT
          Rodrigo Fernandez/Univ of VA
1999  Rebecca Rucker/Univ of OK
          Jim Seward/Colorado State Univ
2000  Heather Torrey/Cornell Univ
          Carlucho Arellano/Univ of VA
2001  Christina Burger/Univ of CA-Davis
          Jeff Embow/Cornell Univ
2002  Melissa Riggs/Cornell Univ
          Craig Fraser/Texas A&M
2003  Taylor McLean/Cornell Univ
          Nicholas Cifuni/Colorado State Univ
2004  Marissa Bianchi/Cornell Univ
          Rorey Torrey/ Univ of CT
2005  Mary “Molly” Buck/Cornell Univ
          Jeffrey R. Markle/Cornell Univ
2006  Danika Rice/Univ of CA Davis
          Amy J. Wisehart/Univ of CT
          Louis J. Lopez, III/Univ of VA
2007  Meaghan Scanlon/Univ of CT
          Mason Wroe/Texas A&M
2008  KC Beal/Texas Christian Univ
          Cooper W. Hibbard/Cal Poly
2009  Heidi Ness/Univ of ID
          Bobby Harvey/Cornell Univ
2010  Katherine W. Connell/ Texas A&M
          Steven A. Krueger/Texas A&M
2011  Lizzie Wisner/Cornell Univ
          Steven Stimmel/Texas Tech
2012  Caitlin Tufts/Univ of CT
          Wiley Uretz/Westmont College
2013  Posey Obrecht/Univ. of Kentucky
          Ford MacCarty/Colorado State Univ
2014   Patrick Uretz/ Westmont
        Vicky Friedrichs/ University of VA
2015       Kareem Rosser/ Colorado State
         Jenny Schwartz/ Virginia Tech
2016        Anna Winslow / Cornell University
                Daniel "Cacho" Galindo / Texas A & M
2017       Julia Smith / University of Virginia
              Ignacio Masias /  Cornell University
   2018     Jessica Schmitt / University of Virginia
                J.T. Schiverick / Southern Methodist University




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