Interscholastic Awards

The Polo Training Foundation Award winners are selected through their participation in the Intercollegiate and Interscholastic programs of the United States Polo Association® and based on the following criteria:

I.  Playing Ability
     A.  Horsemanship
     B.  Mallet Skill
     C.  Team Work
     D.  Comprehension of the Game
II.  Contribution to the Sport
     A.  Leadership
     B.  Commitment
     C.  Assistance to new Players
III.  Sportsmanship
     A.  Conduct in and out of the playing Arena
     B.  Knowledge of the rules and their enforcement
     C.  A Positive Attitude 

PTF Interscholastic Award Winners

1987               John Waggoner/Culver Academies
1988               Chris Blythe/Fox Lea
1989               Whitney Chamberlain/Culver Academies
1990               Trevor Wells/Garrison Forest
1991               Adam Strong/Valley Forge Military Academy
1992               Elizabeth Roeser/Pacific Coast Youth Polo Assoc.
1993               Richard Reale, Jr./ Valley Forge Military Academy
1994               Amit Sharma/Culver Academies
1995               Sara Gompf/Garrison Forest School
                      Christopher Buckley/Valley Forge
1996               Scott Gray/Hollywood Polo club
1997               Travis Scales/Shallowbrook
1998               Melissa Riggs/Garrison Forest School
1999               Rory Torrey/Newport Polo Club
2000               Jeff Markle/Culver Academies
2001               Arabella Knox/Garrison Forest School
2002               Shane Rice/Poway Valley Riders Association
2003               Mason Wroe/Midland Polo Club
2004               Caroline W. “Lila” Gaines/Garrison Forest School
            Matthew C. “Matt” Curran/Valley Forge
2005               Michelle Weeks/Culver Academies
                      Jared Sheldon/Poway Valley Riders Assoc.
2006                           Nicolai Galindo/Eldorado Polo Club
2007                           Elizabeth “Lizzie” Wisner/ Maryland Polo Club
            Robert “Rob” Stenzel/Toronto Polo Club
2008                           Marjorie “Meg” Greenhalgh/Garrison Forest School
            Carl Bradley “CB” Scherer/Culver Academies
2009                           Kylie Sheehan/Garrison Forest School
            Branden Van Loon/Cornell Polo Club
2010                           Mary Claire Walker/Gardnertown Polo Club
            August Allan Scherer/Culver Academies
2011                           Nora Young/Shallowbrook Polo Club
            Kareem A Rosser/Cowtown Polo Club
2012               Gail Schultz/Maryland Polo Club
                      Daniel “Cacho” Galindo/Eldorado Polo Club
2013               Emma Eldredge/Cornell Polo Club
                                        Andrew Begg/Toronto Polo Club
2014               Marissa Wells/Maryland Polo Club
                      Wyatt Harlow/Natania Polo Club 
2015                Jillian Titje/ Central Coast Polo Club
                       George Hempt/ West Shore
2016                Shariah Harris / Cowtown Polo Club
                       Thomas Huber / West Shore
2017                Molly Agee / Lakeside Polo Team
                       Sloan Stefanakis / Houston Polo Club
                 2018                 Cory Williams / Central Coast Polo Club
                                         Brennan Wells / Maryland Polo Club

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